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What is DynaMed?

DynaMed is an online point of care clinical reference tool that provides clinicians with the content to support informed decisions.  With clinically-organized summaries for more than 3,200 topics, DynaMed provides the latest content and resources with validity, relevance and convenience. 

The DynaMed team, which is led by practicing physicians, monitors the content of over 500 medical journals on a daily basis.  Each article is evaluated for clinical relevance and scientific validity.  The new evidence is then integrated with existing content, and overall conclusions are changed as appropriate.


Is DynaMed available as a mobile app?

DynaMed is available as a standalone mobile application, compatible with devices such as the iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Android Smartphone. In early 2015, DynaMed released a completely redesigned app to make it easier and faster for staff to find answers to clinical questions. Learn how to download the app and more.


Why did Alberta Health Services choose to license DynaMed (vs. other point of care tools)?

A comprehensive review and consultation was undertaken in 2012/13 to recommend a core suite of clinical reference resources for Alberta Health via NetCare and AHS via Knowledge Management by the Clinical Reference Resource Task Group. Recommendations included DynaMed, Nursing Reference Centre, Rehabilitation Reference Centre, UpToDate and other pharmacy-focused tools.

  • Additional consultation with stakeholders including the AHS Clinical Operations Executive Committee (COEC); Zone Medical Advisory Committees; and other clinical leadership groups has since been undertaken which have supported the decision to undertake an enterprise-wide license for the Dynamed tool.
  • Research on point of care clinical reference tools has found that the content within DynaMed is updated faster than other comparable tools (Prorok, 2012; Banzi, 2011).
  • One research study has also shown that authors of DynaMed summaries did not have documented conflicts of interest relating to the clinical content, unlike summaries found in another point of care tool (Amber, 2014).
  • AHS’s Clinical Information Systems (CIS) project is currently developing clinical content (protocols, order sets) using DynaMed (trial licence), vendor support for further CIS work can only be achieved through an AHS DynaMed licence.
  • DynaMed has been trialed in AHS with positive feedback from clinicians in Central and South Zones.
  • AHS is committed to equitable enterprise-wide access to information resources.  DynaMed is a financially sustainable option for AHS; costs for similar point of care tools cannot be supported with available budget.


How long will AHS physicians and staff be able to access DynaMed for?

While AHS’s Knowledge Management Department has purchased a license for DynaMed, careful yearly evaluation of the tool, and its utility for AHS clinicians, will inform future renewal and purchasing decisions.


Are continuing medical education (CME) credits available for searches performed in DynaMed?

Yes, in partnership with the Canadian Medical Association (CMA), searches performed in DynaMed are eligible for Mainpro-M1 educational credits. Using the “Get CME for this Topic” link featured on each of DynaMed’s clinical summaries pages, CMA members can login to their CMA account and submit their searches. The credit information is then stored with your account and can be transferred to the College of Family Physicians of Canada (CFPC) on your behalf. For more information, please visit the CMA’s website for CME information.


Where can I go for help learning how to use DynaMed?

Knowledge Resource Service will help you effectively use this point of care clinical reference tool. We deliver education sessions and presentations to introduce the tool, both in person and via Lync to individuals or groups. Handouts and online materials will be available to help you learn how to access and find information in DynaMed. Please contact us ( if you have any other questions about the tool or to request a presentation for your group. 


What other point of care tools are available to AHS physicians and staff?

AHS also provides enterprise-wide access to Nursing Reference Center. We also license drug information tools including Lexicomp, Micromedex, CPS, and Natural Medicines. A list of popular research databases is also found on our homepage.


Does AHS license UpToDate?

AHS does not maintain an enterprise-wide license to UpToDate. This page describes how individual clinicians can access UpToDate.


How do I cite DynaMed?

The DynaMed website provides sample citations for DynaMed content in a variety of citation styles.

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