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Alberta Health Services (AHS) via the Knowledge Management Department licensed a core suite of point of care (POC) resources that include the Nursing Reference Center (NRC), DynaMed, and the Rehabilitation Reference Center (RRC) in the 2014-2015 fiscal year. A web-based evaluation survey was deployed between October 1,  2015 to November 16, 2015 to better understand:
  • The current use of the POC resources by AHS staff and clinicians,
  • Impact and value of POC resources use from the user perspective,
  • Areas for improvement of POC resources provision by KRS, and
  • Areas for the evaluation of POC resources in subsequent years
361 individuals participated in the survey. A majority of the respondents identified themselves as Allied Health Professionals, Clinical Educators or Nurses. The survey data was complemented by telephone interviews to gather more in-depth qualitative data. 

Summary of findings:

  • The most frequent users of POC resources were Clinical Educators and Nurses working in acute care. Non-users were more likely to be Allied Health professionals and/or staff in practice for ten or more years. The most frequent reason given for non-use  of the resources was lack of awareness of the resources.
  • Most users found it easy to access the POC resources and accessed the resources from an AHS/Covenant Health computer in their office. Users indicated that they would  prefer to access resources from their office and/or home using work computers, personal computers or personal mobile devices.
  • NRC was the most commonly reported POC resource used followed by DynaMed. The vast majority of respondents were able to find the information they were seeking. Most  respondents also used other information sources in addition to the POC resources. A large majority of users found the information in the POC resources to be useful and indicated that the information they found added clinical benefit, helped with staff education, saved time and improved efficiency. There was also a positive impact on their teaching, and there were learning benefits as well. 

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