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KM/KRS supports AHS staff to be copyright compliant in their reuse of KRS licensed resources and other copyrighted material, and in creating resources for AHS.  Copyright services include, but are not limited to:

  • Education and training in the basics of copyright.
  • Expertise and consulting service

The following information is a general guideline of what to expect when contacting KM/KRS for assistance.

  1. Within two business days, you will be contacted by a KM/KRS team member who will be working on your request for information/consultation. (Hereafter referred to as request). If your request is urgent, a KM/KRS team member will contact you the same business day.
  1. Copyright is context/fact based and each situation is unique.  In many instances, guidance on copyright issues is based on interpretation of the Copyright Act and the facts of the specific situation. Once assigned to your request, the KM/KRS team member will review the details of your request to determine what further information is needed to complete the request or to clarify your needs and expectations.  The factors to be reviewed may include:
    • the level of detail provided in your request
    • the deadline you have provided
    • the nature, scope and complexity of your copyright issue.  (See Copyright Services Triage below)
    •  the potential variety of sources of information and parties to be consulted to meet your needs
  1. Normally, your request will be completed within five business days from the time a KM/KRS team member contacts you about your request.  Where your request is particularly complex or large in scope or during times of high demand for assistance with copyright issues, the KM/KRS team member will complete your request within a timeline negotiated with you.
  1. Standard responses will include the sources of information consulted, rationale used in the analysis, and in providing the answer.
  1. A KM/KRS team member will follow up with you on completion of the request to see if further or different service is required and to provide you with an opportunity to provide feedback on the completed service.

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