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The Canadian Pharmaceutical Association (CPhA) recently communicated some important changes to their popular drug information resource called e-CPS. On Friday, August 14th, e-CPS transitioned to a new online interface called RxTx. A trial version of RxTx has been available for all users to preview, via the e-CPS interface for the past several weeks.
* Please note: As of September 30, the additional content (Tx: Conditions and Tx: Ailments), temporarily made available on a trial basis during the RxTx launch, will no longer be available via our RxTx subscription. 
Transition to the new RxTx interface will be seamless; users should continue to use the same links previously used to access e-CPS. RxTx contains all of the content that e-CPS once held; however, staff and physicians who currently access information via e-CPS will notice some differences between the old and the new drug information resources. Staff and physicians are strongly encouraged to familiarize themselves with the new RxTx, as significant differences exist in search functionality and content placement.
The CPhA has committed to a brief transition period, to support health care professionals, as they learn how to navigate the RxTx interface. Over the next several weeks, the CPhA will offer live webinar information sessions, to assist with the transition to RxTx. Pharmacy Services will share session information with all AHS staff and physicians, once details are available. The CPhA has also posted a recording of this webinar online, as well as a User Guide, which can be accessed immediately here:

RxTx Recorded Product Tour Webinar (26 min)
RxTx User Guide

Subscribers will be able to access the old interface until further notice. To access the old interface, click on the <Use Old> button in the footer of RxTx (see screenshot below). 
Questions regarding RxTx should be directed to the CPhA via email: You can also access help by clicking on the ‘Help’ link at the top of the RxTx webpage (see screenshot below).

If you have any general questions about drug information resources that are available to AHS staff and physicians, please contact the Pharmacy Services Drug Information team:, or contact your local pharmacy department.

Try out RxTx today!

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