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Execution of the AHS Library Optimization Business Case (2012) is underway to provide equitable, enterprise-wide access for all AHS staff and clinicians to quality library resources and services.  The following is an update from the Knowledge Resource Service on optimization activities in the Calgary Zone. 

  • The contract with the University of Calgary for operations of AHS libraries in the Calgary Zone has been terminated and transition of zone library operations to AHS will be completed September 30, 2015. We thank Susan Powelson, Associate University Librarian, Technology, Discovery and Digital Services and Tom Hickerson, Vice-Provost (Libraries and Cultural Resources) for the many years of excellent service provided by the University of Calgary.
  • Effective September 8th, 2015 the following library sites in the Calgary Zone will reopen with a core physical collection of books and journals, computer access for education and research,  and library staff consultation services for AHS staff, clinicians and patient/families:
    • Tom Baker Cancer Centre
    • Alberta Children’s Hospital
    • Rockyview General Hospital
  • The Peter Lougheed Centre, Women’s Health Centre, and South Health Campus will no longer have KRS (library) staff and resources on location. Space previously dedicated to the library will become available for Site-based management/use. 

Please note, enterprise-wide desktop availability to all library resources and services continues throughout via the KRS Website at or KRS email, We encourage all AHS clinicians and staff to take advantage of this central access point to evidence-based resources and library services. 

Many thanks for your attention to this matter and for your patience and understanding during this transition. A list of frequently asked questions are listed below for your information.


Frequently Asked Questions (Updated August 13, 2015)

What is happening to KRS Calgary Zone libraries?

AHS, through Knowledge Management, is assuming responsibility for the management of libraries in the Calgary Zone which were previously managed through a legacy contract with the University of Calgary (UC). Transition to AHS Knowledge Resource Service management will be completed by September 2015.

Under AHS Knowledge Resource Service management, Calgary Zone library sites will align with the overarching model for library services which includes an on-line and face to face service delivered by a team of librarians and library technicians.

Why is AHS introducing a new model for library services?

In 2012, Knowledge Resource Service (formerly AHS Library Services) implemented a Library Optimization Plan to improve the use of evidence through equitable access to resources and enhanced enterprise-wide services. This strategy includes:

  1. On-line services and resources available through the Knowledge Resource Service (KRS) website  as a one stop shop for accessing electronic and print based  resources (books, journals, Point of Care tools, databases) and requesting services;
  2. Face to face services and resources available in a select number of physical sites (libraries) located in AHS facilities. Physical site model includes:
    1. Core physical collection of clinical and patient resources (books/DVDs) that support clinicians in providing quality care to patients/clients;
    2. A training area equipped with computers and audiovisual equipment for education and skill development on evidence literacy;
    3.  Open work space/tables for AHS staff to conduct research, study and collaborate;
    4. Office/work space for groups of KRS staff to provide onsite, offsite and on-line service delivery.

How were the decisions made to close specific library spaces within the Calgary Zone?

The decision to consolidate library spaces was taken following consultation with Calgary Zone and facility leadership.   Factors considered in selection include: location and clientele served; uniqueness of physical collection; working environment for KRS staff; alignment with desired service model for KRS and facility based needs for space.

What is happening at the Holy Cross drop-down space and at Centre 15?

KRS (library) services and computer drop down spaces continue at the Holy Cross site. Centre 15 remains an office location for KM/KRS staff and home for excess physical resources (books, DVDs,) available for distribution and use as needed.

Can I still borrow library materials if there is no physical library in my facility?

Yes, AHS staff and clinicians have access to all AHS owned library materials and as part of the NEOS consortium of libraries have access to materials from universities, colleges and the Government of Alberta.

All Calgary Zone KRS library book listings (library catalogue) have been transitioned from UC into the NEOS consortium.  These materials join the existing KRS library collections from all other zones in a single unified library catalogue shared by participating NEOS libraries across Alberta.  All Calgary Zone staff and clinicians can continue to use their existing library barcode and pin to check out materials and access electronic resources from their desktop or from home. Further information is available on the KRS Website.

Also, AHS staff can continue to borrow and renew any UofC items from Health Science Centre (HSC) in person; with a Complimentary Community Reader card (the annual fee has been waived).  HSC staff will issue this card upon request to AHS staff with AHS identification. AHS staff can visit for further information on privileges associated with the Community Reader Card.

Neonatal Resuscitation Manuals and Basic Cardiac Life Support manuals were kept in the Calgary Zone libraries.  Where do I go to get them now?

Neonatal Resuscitation Manuals and Basic Cardiac Life Support manuals remain available for manual sign-out and borrowing in Calgary Zone sites.  Use your swipe card to access the space and sign out the book – don’t forget to return the materials once finished so your colleagues can access the same.

Where will the books and journals go?

KRS managed books and journals will be sent to other KRS locations for enterprise wide access and use by clinicians.  Libraries undertake regular maintenance and review of the physical resources with the goal of maintaining a core collection of quality evidence based resources.  Any item of potential “historical” value is transitioned to AHS archives or university archives for appropriate management and storage.

Will patient resources still be available?

KRS managed patient and family related books and journals will be available at all KRS locations for enterprise wide access and use by clinicians. 

South Health Campus Wellness Centre  patient and family resources remain  under Wellness Centre management as previous.

The Women’s Health Centre located at the Foothills Complex will assume the onsite management of this unique collection, ensuring the space and resources remain available for patients and families.

I used to read journals in the library related to my area of interest. How do I stay up-to-date in my field now?

Staying up-to-date in your area of interest can be accomplished through the development of a current awareness plan. With a current awareness plan, alerts for key journals and literature searches are pushed to you instead of you having to continually search for new information. Alerts can be formatted for email, or RRS feeds – visit for further information.

Where/how can I get help or consultation from library staff?

Consultation with library staff is available Monday through Friday via the KRS Website using:

  • Chat with KRS – providing live, online support for library resources and services
  • Quick Links  ask a question, request a book……
  • or send an email to

How do I obtain library services now and in the future?

We encourage all AHS clinicians and staff to use the central access point to evidence-based resources and library services available enterprise-wide on your desktop or from home via the KRS Website or email at

I use to access University of Calgary electronic resources from the Calgary Zone libraries.  Has anything changed, and how do I access UofC resources now?

As with other AHS sites, staff will now have direct access to the AHS network and will need to login with their AHS credentials. As a result of the network transition, direct access will no longer be available to the University of Calgary electronic resources and databases.

Electronic resources are licensed for specific institutions and users, and therefore access to UofC electronic materials is available on campus using UofC computers as a guest, or via remote authentication if you are affiliated with the university.  

Personal accounts created via the University of Calgary website for both OVID and EBSCO databases (Medline, Embase, CINAHL) will not be accessible on these AHS site computers, but will continue to be available on the University of Calgary campus with guest computer access. Please contact us at for further details on which accounts are affected, and learn how some of this data can be transferred.


Questions or concerns? Please contact Carol Connolly, Director KRS at or 780 778-5540 ext 234

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