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Last Updated: Apr 26, 2018     Views: 393, Lippincott Advisor, DynaMed and Lexicomp are all excellent sources for patient education handouts, which you may wish to consider using to support your patient education needs where appropriate.

Although these patient care handouts are developed using best evidence (at the time of publication), your specific clinical area may have developed instructions/post procedure care handouts that are more appropriate for your patient. Care should be taken when considering adding or substituting these very general patient care handouts, and a review by all team members should be undertaken to ensure the content is congruent/complimentary to your clinical area's specific handouts.

We recommend that clinicians draw on all of these resources and use their clinical judgment and expertise to determine which source offers the most appropriate information for the patient. 

If you have further questions regarding best practice or recommended materials for patient education within AHS please contact: 

HPSP Professional Practice Consultation Service –


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