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Accessing KRS resources just got easier!

Staff are able to use their AHS (or Covenant Health) login to access KRS licensed journals, articles, books, and point-of-care resources while outside the AHS network.

What do you need? Accessing KRS resources outside the AHS network (such as when you are at home, working off-site, or using a personal mobile device) no longer requires registering for a library card, or using your existing library card's barcode and pin. Staff can now use their AHS (Covenant Health) login using the familiar AHS remote sign-in portal shown below.

How does it work? When visiting our licensed resources on the KRS website while you are outside the AHS network, you will be automatically prompted to sign-in with your AHS (Covenant Health) login. Once you've logged in, you will be taken directly to the selected resource and you can search, read, and browse just as if you were on-site.

What else do I need to know? A library card is still required to borrow library books and materials.

Who can I contact for further information? Chat with us on our website (M-F 8-4), email us at or visit us at your nearest site.




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