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What is Bugs & Drugs®?

Bugs & Drugs® is a comprehensive, evidence-based point-of-care reference for physicians, dentists, pharmacists, nurse practitioners, and other health care professionals in Canada. It provides health care practitioners with the latest recommendations for the appropriate use of antimicrobials and the optimal treatment and prevention of infectious diseases.


Who can access the website?

Bugs & Drugs is freely available to the public in Alberta & British Columbia! This mobile friendly site can be bookmarked for on-the-go access.

Is Bugs & Drugs® available as a mobile app?

Yes, Bugs & Drugs® is available for purchase as a standalone, mobile application that can be used offline, compatible with devices such as the iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Android Smartphone

Note:  AHS staff can email bugs& for a free redemption code to download the app at no charge. Please use your institutional email address when requesting. 

The content is divided into six sections: (1) Antibiotics, (2) Treatment recommendations for infections in children and adults, including selected ophthalmic, fungal, and parasitic infections, (3) Recommendations for the prevention of infections, (4) Treatment and prophylaxis of dental infections, (5) Use of antibiotics in pregnancy/lactation, and (6) Microbiology. 

Information in this reference is updated regularly based on current literature and antibiotic availability.

This book was prepared by Dr. Edith Blondel-Hill (Medical Microbiologist/Infectious Diseases Specialist, Kelowna General Hospital) and Ms. Susan Fryters (Antimicrobial Stewardship/Infectious Diseases Pharmacist, Alberta Health Services) with the help of over 40 reviewers with expertise in infectious diseases, microbiology, pharmacy, and Public Health.

The Bugs & Drugs® book is supported by Alberta Health Services, Alberta Health, the BC Ministry of Health, and the Do Bugs Need Drugs?® program.


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