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Effective July 21st, the Knowledge Resource Service (KRS library) located at the Royal Alexandra Hospital will vacate the space it is currently occupying (Rooms 1416 (1, 2A, 2B), 1417 & 1418) to make it available for use by other clinical support programs. This was a joint decision between Knowledge Management and RAH leadership. Please note:
  • Three librarians will continue to be located on the RAH campus and they will be available to provide face to face consultation and education services as required
  • The physical library collection currently housed at the RAH (books, journals) will be redistributed to other Edmonton Zone KRS (library) sites and can be accessed for use by AHS staff and clinicians throughout the province
  • KRS staff will undertake communication and education activities within the RAH to facilitate this transition and assist uninitiated RAH staff and clinicians to the use of KRS web-based services and resources.
Enterprise-wide desktop and remote availability to library resources and services is available for all AHS staff and clinicians via the KRS Website at or through email, All AHS staff, clinicians and partners are encouraged to take advantage of this central access point to our comprehensive suite of evidence-based resources and services.

Many thanks for your attention to this matter. Please distribute this memo and the attached FAQ document as appropriate and feel free to contact either of us with any questions or concerns.

Barbara Brady-Fryer, PhD
Senior Provincial Director
Knowledge Management
Carol A. Connolly
Knowledge Resource Services


Frequently Asked Questions (Updated July 13th, 2017)

What is happening to the Royal Alexandra Hospital library space?​

Effective July 21st, the Knowledge Resource Service (KRS) will vacate the space it is currently occupying at the RAH to make it available for use by other clinical support programs. This was a joint decision between Knowledge Management and RAH leadership to accommodate the need for clinical support space within the RAH while continuing to deliver library services and resources for RAH staff and clinicians.

  • Librarians offices will be relocated to the 6th floor of the Community Services Centre building at RAH.
  • Medical Library Technicians will be relocated to other Edmonton Zone library spaces
  • The physical collection (books, journals) will be relocated by distribution to other KRS libraries as appropriate, in keeping with KRS collection management practices and guidelines.

How was this decision made?

The decision was made following consultation between Knowledge Management and RAH facility leadership and is in keeping with the new service model for libraries within AHS. Factors considered include: RAH staff desktop access to services and resources via the KRS website, effective working environment for KRS staff, and RAH facility needs for clinical support space.

What is the service model for libraries in AHS?​

In 2012, Knowledge Resource Service (formerly AHS Library Services) implemented a Library Optimization Plan to improve the use of evidence through equitable access to resources and enhanced enterprise-wide services. This new service model includes:

  1. Online services and resources available through the Knowledge Resource Service (KRS) website. KRS website ( as a one stop shop for accessing electronic and print based resources (books, journals, Point of Care resources, databases) and requesting services;
  2. Where physical space is available and feasible, face to face services and resources are accessible in a select number of libraries in AHS facilities. These libraries provide:
    1. Core physical collection of clinical and patient resources (books/DVDs) that support clinicians in providing quality care to patients/clients;
    2. A training area equipped with computers and audiovisual equipment for education and skill development on evidence literacy;
    3. Open work space/tables for AHS staff to conduct research, study and collaborate;
    4. Office/work space for groups of KRS staff to provide onsite, offsite and online service delivery.

Can I still borrow library materials if there is no physical library in the facility?

Yes, AHS staff and clinicians have access to all AHS owned library materials, and as part of the NEOS consortium of libraries, have access to materials from Alberta universities, colleges, the Government of Alberta, and more.

All AHS staff and clinicians can continue to use their existing library card or request a library card to check out books and other materials.These items can be requested from KRS and will either be sent to you directly or can be picked up at a KRS or NEOS location.

How do I get a library card?

To obtain a NEOS library card, complete the registration form and email it to  The NEOS library card allows you to borrow materials from all NEOS institutions. 

How do I request a book and how will a book get to me if I don’t have a library space at RAH?

To request a book from KRS, fill out the book request form (a library card is required). The book may get to you in one of the following ways: (1) pick up at your closest KRS or NEOS site (2) mailed to you via interoffice mail, or (3) mailed to you via Canada Post or Loomis courier.

Where will the books and journals go?

Books and journals will be sent to other KRS locations for enterprise-wide access and use by clinicians.  Libraries undertake regular maintenance and review of the physical resources with the goal of maintaining a core collection of quality evidence based resources.  Any item of potential “historical” value is transitioned to AHS archives or university archives for appropriate management and storage.

How will I get a BLS manual?

Starting on July 17th, RAH staff can access BLS manuals through the Professional Practice Office. Please contact Daljeet Sekhon (PPO Secretary) between 8-4 Monday through Friday to obtain a copy. Daljeet.sekhon [at],  780-735-4504.

Will patient resources still be available?

KRS-managed patient and family related books and DVDs will be available at all KRS locations for enterprise-wide access and use by clinicians, patients and families as appropriate. Additionally, the KRS Website provides links to quality patient resources.  Health information may also be accessed  from the AHS website and, from care providers, or by calling Health Link 8-1-1.

Where/how can I get help or consultation from library staff?

Consultation with library staff is available Monday through Friday via the KRS Website using:

  • KRS Chat – live, online support for library resources and services
  • Quick Request Links  for asking a question, requesting a book, article, or literature search, obtaining a library card, and more.
  • Email  – for more in-depth requests or consultation

How do I find a quick, evidence-based answer to a clinical question?

Quick, synthesized answers can be found in our Point of Care resources: Dynamed  and Nursing Reference Centre.  More information on Point of Care resources can be found on our website.

How do I find peer reviewed articles?

KRS has many online journals with peer reviewed articles.  To learn more about finding our online journals go to our E-resource education guide, or join us in one of our Evidence at your Fingertips webinar series -- see the sessions and schedule.

How do I know what resources you have in my subject area?

KRS has many subject guides in a variety of broad topic areas to meet your needs. Subject guides are a one-stop shop for the best information resources in a specific specialty or discipline. Through your subject guide you can: Access the latest research in your specialty; find listings of key databases, journals and e-books; discover new grey literature resources and; quickly access relevant websites and guidelines. Find a subject guide topic listing here:

How can I learn more about KRS resources and services?

KRS education guides are a great way to learn the basics of using our resources. The KRS Orientation video and KRS Finding Full Text Articles video are quick online tutorials to get you started on using our resources and finding articles on your own.  KRS also runs a series of Evidence at Your Fingertips sessions on a regular basis -- see the sessions and schedule.

I used to read journals in the library related to my area of interest. How do I stay up-to-date in my field now?

Staying up-to-date in your area of interest can be accomplished through the development of a current awareness plan. With a current awareness plan, alerts for key journals and literature searches are pushed to you instead of you having to continually search for new information. Alerts can be formatted for email, or RRS feeds – visit the current awareness education guide for further information.

How do I obtain library services now and in the future?

We encourage all AHS clinicians and staff to use the central access point to evidence-based resources and library services available enterprise-wide on your desktop or from home via the KRS Website or email at

Click here for a list of all physical sites and hours of operation (will be updated with retirement of sites) 


Questions or concerns? 

Please contact Carol Connolly, Director KRS at


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